My Dehumidifier Won’t Drain

Potential Issue #1:

If you are experiencing issues with your dehumidifier not draining, the first place to look is the set up of the drain line. To run properly, your drain line needs to be free of twists, or knots. Additionally, if you have a gravity drain model (WD550 or WD900), the drain line will only work if it is sloped downward. A gravity drain will not work if it is running uphill.

How to Fix It:

Set up your drain line so it runs in a straight line. If you have a gravity drain model, ensure it is running downhill. For best results, we recommend using a transition to PVC pipe for a gravity drain:

Transition to PVC Pipe
1. Cut a piece of 3/4” OD PVC that is approx. 6” long.
2. Insert PVC into a 3/4” elbow, then attach to a 3/4” OD length of PVC to drain. (Note: Keep the length of PVC drain pipe to a minimum)
3. Insert the open end of the tubing into the 3/4” pipe so that it does not extend into the elbow fitting. For proper flow, a minimum downward slope of 1” per 10’ run is required.(Note: If a proper downward angle is not possible, then it is recommended to use a Watchdog900c which includes an integrated condensate pump or utilize an external condensate pump).
4. Support the PVC tubing so that it maintains a smooth downward flow to drain.
5. Always test the drain before leaving the installation area.

Dehumidifier won't drain

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Potential Issue #2:

If the drain line is set up properly, then the next thing to check is if the drain line is clogged. The drain line could be clogged by anything from dirt to bugs.

How to Fix It:

Clear the drain line of any obstructions. Depending what’s blocking the line, you may be able to use a wet dry vac to remove it. Another option is feed weed eater line in the drain tube and remove any blockage. Once the majority of build up is removed, it’s helpful to clean the drain line as you would for annual maintenance to remove any remaining build up. For detailed instructions on this procedure, click the appropriate link for your model - WatchDog 550, WatchDog 900, WatchDog 900c.

Dehumidifier blocked drain

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Potential Issue #3:

The temperature is below 32°F outside so the exterior portion of your drain line is frozen. A frozen drain line makes it impossible for the dehumidifier to drain and may cause some leaking.

How to Fix It:

First, turn the unit off- there is no need to dehumidify when the weather is that cold. After that, simply wait for the temperature to rise above freezing and turn the unit back on.

Dehumidifier in the cold

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My Dehumidifier STILL Isn’t Draining:

If none of these tips solve your issue, then feel free to contact us . We’re happy to help get your dehumidifier running!