What Size Dehumidifier is Right for You?

what size dehumidifier is right for me

While searching for a dehumidifier, it can be confusing to decide which model is right for you when there are so many options. But not to worry, there's a simple way to figure out if a unit is suitable for your crawl space and that’s cubic footage. For instance a Watchdog 550 can handle crawl spaces up to 10,000 cubic feet. Need something a little bigger? The Watchdog 900 or 900c will easily maintain a space up to 15,000 cubic feet. Keep in mind that cubic feet is different than square footage. If you're unsure of the cubic footage for your space, use this simple calculation:

Calculate Cubic Footage of Crawl Space

For example, if your crawl space is 75 feet long and 25 feet wide, you would first multiply (75) x (25) to get 1875 square feet. Next, measure the height from the ground to the bottom of the flooring space( if it varies, use the average). If the height was 3 feet, you would multiply (3) x (1875) to get 5,625 cubic feet. This would make your crawl space perfect for a Watchdog 550 dehumidifier.

Choosing a dehumidifier that is the right capacity for your crawl space can help narrow down your search for the perfect ideal. There are of course, other stats listed for every dehumidifier but cubic footage is a good starting point.