WatchDog 550 Accessories

WatchDog 550 Environmental Monitor

Environmental Monitor

Part Number: W-111

The WatchDog Environmental Monitor provides a simple way to monitor the conditions in your crawl space or basement, in addition to the performance of your dehumidifier. Click here for more information.

Remote Control Package

Remote Control Package

Part Number: W-100

The WatchDog Remote Control package includes both the WatchDog Remote and 25’ of CAT-5 cable. The remote control contains an integrated sensor which gives you multiple options for remotely controlling your unit, in addition to monitoring the conditions surrounding the dehumidifier. Click here for more information.

WatchDog 550 Supply Duct

Supply Duct

Part Number: W-107

The Supply Duct connects to the integrated duct adapter on the side of the WatchDog 550. The flexible ducting is 72” in length.

WatchDog 550 MERV-8 Filter

WatchDog 550 MERV-8 Filter

Part Number: W-517

The MERV-8 filter comes standard on all WatchDog 550’s. The washable MERV-8 filter helps to remove dirt and dust particles from the air.

WatchDog 550 HEPA Filter

WatchDog 550 HEPA Filter

Part Number: W-518

The HEPA filter is an optional filter for the 550 to replace the MERV-8. The HEPA filter is considered to be extremely effective at removing the smallest of particles from the air.

WatchDog 550 Carbon Filter

WatchDog 550 Carbon Filter

Part Number: W-519

The carbon filter is an optional filter to replace the MERV-8 filter on a WatchDog 550. The carbon filter is ideal for removing odors as well as particles from the air.

WatchDog 550 Hanging Kit

WatchDog Hanging Kit

Part Number: W-112

The WatchDog Hanging Kit allows you to easily and safely hang the dehumidifier. Simply slip the straps until the unit, hang the unit, and tighten the straps.