WatchDog NXT Dehumidifier Warranty

All warranty benefits apply to the original owner only. Warranty cannot be transferred or assigned.


Seaira Global warrants the dehumidifier will operate free of defects in workmanship and materials. At its discretion, Seaira will repair or replace any malfunctioning components, free of charge (excluding transportation costs)


In order to take advantage of the warranty service, the customer must do the following:

1.Customer must provide normal care and maintenance (including, but not limited to cleaning filters, coils and pumps)

2. Removal and re-installation of unit is the sole responsibility of owner.

3. If customer cannot return unit to certified repair center, all costs associated with freight shipment are borne by the customer. In addition, all ancillary charges related to freight shipments, including but not limited to palletizing, wrapping, labeling, and pickup are associated with customer.

4. If shipped, customer is responsible for all risk of loss or damage.


1. Customer must mail in warranty registration card to Seaira Global. If no card is submitted, warranty period will begin the day the shipment left the warehouse. Please be sure to record serial # and date of installation in the spaces provided on page 2 of the manual. You will need this information to receive an RA number.

2. If warranty service is necessary, customer must contact Seaira Global Tech Support by phone 910-660-0962 to receive a Return Authorization (RA number).

3. Once an RA has been issued, it is the customer’s job to bring the unit to a certified repair center. If this is not an option, shipping will be arranged to bring the unit back to the Seaira warehouse (at the expense of the customer).

4. After the unit has been received by Seaira (whether at a repair center or the warehouse), an initial inspection will be completed, if it is determined to be an invalid warranty claim (see exclusions below), unit will only be completed after receiving payment from customer for all associated costs.

5. If unit is defective, the necessary parts will be repaired or replaced and the unit will be available for pickup at certified repair center or returned via freight shipment (at customer’s expense). Keep in mind that work is only done during normal working hours. After being repaired, all units are required to go through a rigorous testing process prior to being returned to customer.

6. Once a part is repaired and the dehumidifier is returned, the original warranty period still applies (no extensions).

*Exclusions apply. See manual for complete details.