Watchdog 900c
  • 15,000 cubic feet coverage area
  • Digital Display
  • Quiet Operation
  • Durable Design
  • Hot Gas Bypass
  • Temperature Controlled Defrost
  • Inlet or Outlet Ducting Options
  • Auto Restart After Power Outage
  • Multiple Filter Options
  • Help Prevent Pest and Mold Infestation
  • Gravity Drain
  • Remote Control Compatible
  • Easy Access Panels
  • More Details

WatchDog 900

Product Description

The WatchDog 900 is the largest crawl space dehumidifier in the Seaira Global lineup. With a 90 pints per day capacity, the 900 is perfect for larger areas that need moisture control.

Although the Watchdog 900 is the most powerful crawl space dehumidifier offered by Seaira, that doesn’t mean it sacrifices efficiency. While producing a 370CFM airflow, the machine runs at 2.8 L/kWh and only 5.5 amps.

The WatchDog 900 also includes several convenient upgrades to make using the dehumidifier easy. For instance, when it’s time to set your desired humidity level, simply use the digital touchpad display screen. Once the set point is in place, the 900 requires minimal attention from you thanks to features like automatic humidistat control, temperature controlled defrost, and auto restart.

Technical Details

Rated Condensate Capacity (80℉, 60%) 90 ppd
Rated Condensate Capacity (90℉, 90%) 168 ppd
COP 2.8 L/kWh
Refrigerant R410A
F.L.A. at Rated Conditions (80℉, 60%) 5.5A
Airflow @ 0.00" S.P. 370CFM
Inlet Filter Washable
Supply Duct 6" Collar
Return Duct (optional) 12" Collar
Sound Level 58 dBa
Drain Pipe Connection 12" Tube
Coverage Area 15,000 ft3
Power Cord 20'
Operating Temperature Range 33-105℉
Operating Relative Humidity Range 36-90%
Weight 65lbs
Dimensions 23.4" x 13.7" x 17"
Warranty 1 / 3 / 5

WatchDog 900 Guides

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